February 22, 2017 the National Nature Park "Verkhovynsky" hosted a meeting on Ukrainian Carpathians conservation. The representatives of the Park, the Protected Areas Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, local authorities and environmental NGOs participated in the meeting. National and regional project coordinators of the "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" project Dr. Olga Yaremchenko and Mr. Vasyl Mochan also attended the gathering.

The meeting was dedicated to the conservation of nature ecosystems, expansion and conservation of protected areas. The participants listened to the information on the current state of the Carpathian Mountains, discussed the state and perspectives of creating of a protected area network in Ukraine. Substantial part of the meeting was devoted to Park expansion – inclusion of valuable forests, rivers and valleys to its territory.

The project coordinators Olga Yaremchenko and Vasyl Mochan reported on the proposed Park expansion and socio-economic aspects of nature conservation. They provided information on valuable primeval forests for the inclusion to the Park area; emphasized the need of the local people involvement to the protected area conservation. Speakers also stressed the importance of making possible the nature resources use by local people. It provides welfare and is an incentive to save those resources for themselves and future generations.

Meeting in the NNP "Verkhovynsky" showed the importance of stakeholders engagement and became a next step to the effective conservation of primeval forests of the Carpathians.

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