February 23, 2017 the first meeting of the coordination council of NNP "Hutsulshchyna" took place. Participants of the meeting discussed the urgent issues of Park operation.

In particular, the meeting discussed the expansion of the Park and land issues. Chief specialist of Division of protected areas network development of the Department of protected areas of MENR, Anastasia Drapaliuk informed about results of the meeting on the development of documents for the right of the permanent use of the land for the National Nature Park “Hutsulshchyna” held on January 25, 2017 in the Ministry. This question provoked a lively discussion and close examination of some issues. The meeting took a deliberate decision on the matter.

The meeting also agreed to establish a working group to prepare materials for the optimization and expansion of the national nature park “Hutsulshchyna” area, taking into account the proposals of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds. Participants of the council meeting agreed on close constructive cooperation to address common issues for the development of Kosiv region.

Among other things, the meeting approved the personal membership and statute of the NNP "Hutsulshchyna" coordination council. Participants were also informed on the Park activity since its creation.


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