krainian Society for the Protection of Birds and researchers of national nature parks proposed expansion of Carpathian national nature park, NNP "Verkhovynsky" and "Hutsulshchyna" by adding areas of primeval and old-growth forests to their territory. A working meeting with the heads of these parks, representatives of the Regional Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources Division of RSA took place. The First Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Maria Savka lead the meeting.

Participants discussed expansion of Carpathian National Nature Park on an area of 25,301 hectares. Current area of Carpathian NNP is 50,495 hectares. As for the National Nature Park "Verkhovynsky", it is planned to increase its area from 12 022, 9 hectares to 23 698, 8 ha. Park “Hutsulshchyna" is planned to be expanded on the area of 600, 4 hectares, and 2090 hectares – to be given to the park for the permanent use. The last area is included to the park territory but not withdrawn from the land owners.

The national parks expansion will ensure the conservation of water protection and climate generation characteristics of forests playing an important role in the Carpathian region.

Maria Savka noted that this issue is important to Ivano-Frankivsk region, therefore, Regional State Administration will do its best to solve it.

"The strengthening of the national parks, including the expansion of their territory is an extremely important factor that will give many opportunities. It should be understood that this step would promote biodiversity conservation of the Carpathians, expansion of scientific, recreational and environmental education work. This in turn will stimulate the development of green tourism and related businesses. Also, the nature conservation and socio-economic development of rural areas will be improved ", - said the official.


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