Ivano-Frankivsk region local community protested against logging, planned by forestry. Forestry intended to destroy old-growth trees (more than 143 years old) saying that they are infected with the pine fungus and dry out. However, the local citizens with the scientists stopped cutting.

The site of the planned logging is located in the tourist area, in front of the administrative building of the national nature park "Verkhovynsky". The mountain in the Verkhny Yaseniv village, where there is a forest, has limestone rocks that increase the risk of landslides. Local recalled that such landslide had occurred in 1969, blocked the river and flooded their houses. The likely reason was the forest cutting on its slopes.

Scientists also opposed cutting, and consider it irrational way of forest management. "They say that every fir tree holds more than three cubic meters of water. Recent years ... the forest cutting was performed, but nobody thought about water protection role of the forest"- commented on the reason of the past landslides Ivan Zelenchuk, the scientist. Large cutting releases a large amount of water, which flows from the mountain. Forests regulate water flows in a natural way: trees absorb water like a sponge, and then slowly give it back.

Forestry workers recalled a landslide in 2009, but residents continued to demand felling for construction. Nevertheless, today forestry stops logging and moves out machinery from the forest, because of the local community request.

So, we are strong when we are together. Only when local residents, the highlanders, who cares about the future of their Carpathians, stand up to protect their forests, the forests will be conserved.

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