fter the first three years the team and project participants:

1. Identified especially valuable forest areas relevant for the expansion of nine national nature parks. In research areas we discovered near 12 000 hectares of primeval and old-growth forests;

2. Developed and submitted to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources the documents for the expansion of the parks territory – total area up to 105 thousand hectares;

3. Developed draft management plans for parks;

4. Approved expansion of the NNP territories of Zakarpattya region (Uzhansky, “Synevyr”, “Zacharovany Kraj”) – about 23 000 hectares;

5. Purchased and gave to the NNP administrations 5 cars, 10 mountain bikes, 2 quad bikes, a motorcycle for the bear rehabilitation center, 10 cameras, in 10 binoculars and GPS devices, office equipment (40 units), a uniform for 2 parks (“Skolivski Beskydy” and “Zacharovany Kraj”);

6. Produced and installed a pilot accommodation module in the Carpathian NNP for the park employees for living in the remote area;

7. Participated in the development and equipping of 8 tourist routes in 8 NNPs;

8. Conducted fieldwork and determined modern fauna of bats and the present state of the populations of wood grouse and black grouse in the protected areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Developed recommendations for the nature conservation activities for the wood and black grouses;

9. Supported a campaign on the value of national nature parks and the importance of their expansion to conserve the especially valuable forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Launched an eco-marketing initiative in the area of national nature parks.

Today the project is working on the following tasks:

1. Lobbing the expansion of the national nature parks in Ivano-Frankivsk (Carpathian, “Verkhovynsky”, “Hutsulshchyna”), Chernivtsi (“Vyzhnytsky”, “Cheremosky”), Lviv (“Skolivski Beskydy”) regions for the sustainable conservation of the remains of unique areas of primeval and old-growth forests, other natural habitats, as well as protective forests that ensure ecological safety of the Carpathian region;

2. Conducting the wide PR campaign to support the national nature parks, their expansion and conservation of the unique nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians;

3. Lobbying the draft law #4480 on conservation of primeval forests;

4. Identification of primeval forests in Lviv region to make them parts of the protected areas, therefore, protect them from destruction (in response to the appeal of the Lviv Regional Forestry and Hunting Division);

5. Implementation of the socio-economic block on eco-marketing in pilot area (NNP “Skolivski Beskydy”), to be realized in other 8 parks in 2018.

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