August 6, in Yavory village, at the Boykiv Festival, the national nature park “Skolivsky Beskydy” represented its eco-products, made within the socio-economic bloc of the project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation". The capacious thermos purchased by the project created a new option in eco-marketing activities - entertainment of the participants and guests of the festival with the unique ecological tea made from the wild plants and berries.

The tasting of fragrant teas turned out an excellent occasion for communication. The locals and guests of the festival, enjoying the eco-tea, talked to the nature conservationists, learned about our project and park activities, took informational materials. The visitors of the national park left the tent healthier and in a good mood, and full of new eco-knowledge.

Boykiv Festival gathered Boyks from all over the world. The Skole District Administration joined the organization process for this year's festival. For the first time at the Festival there were location with the authentic Boyk cuisine based on the original old recipes. Eco-teas of the park naturally supplemented this location.

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