September, 16 the team of the “Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation” project at the invitation of the Zakarpattya Regional Forestry and Hunting Department took part in the celebration of the Day of Forestry Workers. The holiday was held in Uzhgorod, in Bozdosky park. The project represented eco-tea from NNP "Skolivsky Beskydy".

Participants of the holiday tasted boiled drinks made from the wild plants and berries collected in the national nature park. Herbal and fruit-berry teas impressed the guests of the holiday. People were interested in conversation with the nature conservationists; they discussed problems of the Carpathian nature conservation. The project demonstrated the effective use of the natural non-timber resources of the forestlands to the participants of the festival. Eco-teas are the product of the eco-marketing initiative of the “Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation” project, an example of sustainable use of nature resources that contributes to the welfare of local communities and park capacity to implement environmental measures.

The joint celebration was another step in uniting environmental initiatives of the project with the activities of forestry workers in Zakarpattya.

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