his weekend, September 22-23, the XV International Tourist Exhibition-Fair "Toureurocenter-Zakarpattia-2017" took place in the cultural and historical center of Uzhhorod city "Sovyne Gnizdo". Our project, at the invitation of the organizers, took part in the event and introduced eco-teas collected at the NNP “Skolivski Beskydy”.

"Toureurocenter-Zakarpattia-2017" was timed to the Day of Uzhgorod and the International Tourist Week in Zakarpattya. All districts of the region presented their peculiarities in their nominal locations, where everyone could talk about "highlights" of the area, try wine, cheese and honey, take postcards. The project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" provided guests with drinks from wild plants and berries collected in the national nature park, within the eco-marketing initiative of the project.

Districts of Zakarpattya region also presented various expositions and flowers; local musicians brought folk songs to Uzhhorod. This year, representatives from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic also came to the exhibition.

Source: "Golos Karpat", "Zakarpasky Korrespondent"