llegal deforestation of the Carpathian forests must be stopped immediately and we should start working seriously on the conservation of the state forests. President Poroshenko announced this during his visit to Ivano-Frankivsk region on September 29. The Head of State emphasized the need for the development of the nature protection sphere, forestry and hunting and promised to support personally "green" tourism.

"We need to unite our potential and set clear and right decisions to protect Ukraine's forests, forests of the Carpathians... This is my clear position - enough. People should feel that we have not just stopped illegal logging, but we also carry out an active restoration activities", - said Poroshenko. He recalled that he signed a law that greatly enhances the criminal responsibility for the illegal felling of trees and shrubs in the woods. The President noted that Ukraine needs an electronic system for timber turnover control as well as coordination of work of law enforcement officers, fiscal authorities, ecological inspection and regional state administrations. In his opinion, this could help stop the shadow wood turnover.

Poroshenko also noted the great tourist potential of the Carpathians and emphasized the importance of conservation of forest areas of the region. “Who will go to the Carpathians, if there is no forest in the Carpathians? If there is illegal logging, if there is drought and illness, and we lose our fantastic natural potential - our national wealth," he said. He added that Carpathian forests are interesting not only to Ukrainians but also to the whole world, and UNESCO protects them. The President also said that he was ready to support a special program for the development of ecological tourism.

Poroshenko promised to continue to work on increasing of the protected areas of Ukraine and conservation and restoration of the unique nature of the Carpathians. "Though the area of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine is not sufficient to conserve and restore the special natural components and objects, but we will work on it," - emphasized Petro Poroshenko.