xperts and consultants of the "Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance" (PLEDDG) project together with the representatives of local authorities and public activists of Yaremche region discussed cooperation between national nature parks and communities.

On November 23, creative meeting "Search for the Future" took place in the framework of the preparation of the marketing strategy of Yaremche region, which is being developed with the financial and expert support of the PLEDDG project. The discussion focused on the image of the region, the development of the visual map of main trends, effective marketing of the brand in the region, as well as key ideas about Yaremche region.

At the meeting, Oleksandr Kyselyuk, Deputy Director on the Scientific Work of the Carpathian NNP, presented the achievements of the project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" and results of its implementation in Yaremche region; told how the project will affect the development of the tourism industry in the region.

"The project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" aims at the expanding of the national nature parks by adding especially valuable primeval and old-growth forests of the Carpathian region to their territories. We conserve primeval forests not only for nature, but also for people: if there are no forests in the Carpathians - there will be no tourists there! Part of the highland forests of the Carpathian NNP are the primeval and old-growth forests which are home for plants and animals of the region; they protect park from floods and, of course, attract tourists. To conserve them means to conserve the nature of the area and promote the economic development of the region", - noted Mr. Kyselyuk.

Participants of the meeting supported the idea of park expanding. Postcards produced within the project were distributed.

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