ur project helped to equip mineral springs in the national nature park “Verkhovynsky”. Taking care of tourists, the park's workers set up a resting place in the tracts of Mokryn and Baltora. Place is known for its hydrogen sulphide spring. The pavilions, table and benches were installed, the litterbins were put. The park workers also installed information boards that will simplify the orientation and tell about ecological routes and recreation areas of the park.

In the tract of Dukonya and Popadinets shelter from the rain was built, and the mineral spring was also equipped with the awning, table, benches and information board.

Visitors of the park will have the opportunity to drink healing mineral water, see silver fir primeval forests, old-growth trees, rare species of plants, get acquainted with the representatives of the animal world and admire unique landscapes, as well as learn about the collection of wild berries and mushrooms in the park.

The massifs of the Chyvchynsky and Grynyavsky mountains are among the most interesting corners of the Carpathians. Hidden away from popular tourist routes, they are a pearl for tourists who are looking for something special. Park and our project make the Chyvchyno-Grynyavsky mountains an attractive and comfortable place. We want tourists to discover the incredible beauty of primeval and old-growth forests of the Carpathians.