ew ecological path is planned to be made in the Vilshansky nature conservation research division (NCRD) of the national nature park "Synevyr". The pecularity of the path is the visiting of the beech primeval forests which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The park employees met on February 20 for the route development. The Deputy Director of the Research Division of the park Yuriy Tyukh, the Head of Recreation Division Fedir Matichyn, the Head of Vilshansky NCRD Vasyl Gintsyak and other experts participated in the meeting. After protracted discussion abd thorough analysis of area map participants designed a scheme and a route of the future trail. It will lie across traversable area, with good views on the village, mountains and artifical sea of Zakarpattia - Vilshansky resrvoir of Tereble-Ritska hydroelectric power station. Tourists will be able to see beech primeval forests of the Carpathians, the stands of old but strong and mighty trees.

"Primeval forests are unique untouched forests, which for centuries exist and develop without human intervention, solely by the laws of nature," says Deputy Director of the park Yuriy Tyukh. - As a result, they have high viability and are extremely important for ecosystems; have environmental, scientific, educational, recreational and aesthetic value. Europe has small number of such forests; and after destruction, they can not be reproduced. For tourists, the path to the primeval forests will give an opportunity to get closer to the beech primeval forests, to breathe the bracing air, to get rid of the troubles, to get this feeling of being small part of mighty wildlife."

The development of the path has just begun. The park's employees will walk through the route, estimate scale and cost of work, set the GPS tracks.

Source (in Ukrainian)

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