December 6-7, 2018, in the framework of the project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation", in its regional office (Mykulychyn village, Ivano-Frankivsk region), the final meeting on the implementation of the social component of the project: "Development, branding and marketing of local eco-products (production in association with the nature protection)" in the area of nine national nature parks of the Ukrainian Carpathians" was held.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of 7 Carpathian national nature parks, project partners. Representatives of the State Enterprise "Putylske Forestry" also participated in the event. This year project started cooperation with this forestry on strengthening of social and ecological capacity of Cheremosky Regional Landscape Park, which is in the forestry’s use. The assistance of the project to the forestry in the development of an eco-marketing initiative (that is already being implemented by forestry on its territory) will promote sustainable forest use in the regional landscape park.

Mr. Vasyl Pryndak, the Regional Project Coordinator on the production and sale of eco-products, presented to the participants results of implementation of the project initiative on the pilot area (NNP "Skolivski Beskydy"). Participants noted active participation of the project initiative in cultural events, the development and promotion of the brand of the eco-products of Carpathian protected areas, discussed the results of the raw materials stocking up established in 2018 and the production of eco-teas by other parks. Participants draw attention to the low activity of some parks, noted the achievements of Carpathian NNP and NNP "Synevyr", which have already collected the first harvest of tea herbs from their plantations, as well as difficulties with initiative realization.

In conclusion, the action plan for 2019 was discussed and outlined. It was decided to coordinate parks activity in regard to their location, and involve stakeholders in cooperation - Zakarpattya Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting in the area of NNP "Zacharovany Kraj", and State Enterprise "Putylske Forestry" in the area of Cheremosky Regional Landscape Park. It is planned stocking up herbs and forest berries, in addition - creation of plantations of medicinal plants in five national nature parks, their processing, packaging and sale.

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