he area of the Project’s activity within the Verkhovynsky National Nature Park consists of the national park territory itself (12,022.9 ha) and lands bordering the Park in the area of 11688.8 ha, and are proposed for the park extension.
Priority nature conservation value of the project is the remained fragments of old-growth forests and primeval forests.

On a land plot, proposed for the expansion of the Park territory, there are preserved old-growth and primeval fir and fir-beech forests. They constitute about 5-7% of the total area proposed for expansion. Here there is a number of known locations of the Red Data Book species that are absent in the Park. They are Veronica fruticans which grows on cleavage of calcium rocks on mountain Chivchyn; Saxifraga androsacea – on cleavage of carbonate rocks on Chivchyn; Senecio Carpaticus – known location on mountain Chivchyn; B. matricariifolium – in Valley Preluky; Erigeron alpinus – on mountain Vasylkova (valley Preluky); Scopolia carniolica – in the valley of Black Cheremosh River up to village Burkut. In these areas – in the valley Preluky, the largest population of narrow local Eastern Carpathian endemic – Nigritella carpatica is growing.


Map of Verkhovynsky National Nature Park

Verkhovynsky National Nature Park 

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