he Project implementation area of the zone of National Nature Park “Cheremosky” constitute lands of NNP of 7117.5 ha and forest lands bordering the Park on the area within 15795 ha proposed for the extension of NNP.
Key conservation value of the Project area is availability of old-growth and primeval forests.

The Park contains valuable old-growth plantations aged of over 100 years. By the preliminary estimations old-growth forests cover the area up to 500 ha.

On lands planned for the proposed extension, according to preliminary estimates on the area of 2,400 ha (specified data will be provided after the field survey of the territory within the implementation of the Project) remained beech, fir and beech, spruce old-growth and primeval forests. They grow by separate massifs. Part of the sites are included in the protected areas: Zoological sanctuary "Zubrovitsya"; forest sanctuary "Borghynia"; natural reserves "Pavlyukova"; botanical nature monument "Yalynova Dilianka"; natural reserve "Tovarnytsia"; botanical nature monument "Bukovynka"; hydrological natural monument "Lake" Girske Oko".

In the flora of the proposed for the extension territory 9 species of plants listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009) are found. Among them are Huperzia selago, Gymnadenia conopsea, Neottia nidus-avis, Listera ovata, Dactylorhiza majalis, Platanthera bifolia, Traunsteinera globosa, Lycopodium annotinum, Aquilegia nigricans Baumg.

In the fauna of the area preliminary 37 species of animals listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009) are identified. Among them are Hirudo medicinalis, Astacus astacus, Calopteryx virgo, Anax imperator, Aromia moschata, Papilio machaon, Parnassius apollo, Apatura iris, Acherontia atropos, Erebia manto, Plicuteria lubomirskii, Trochulus bielzi, Eudontomyzon mariae, Gobio uranoscopus, Romanogobio kesslerii, Barbus petenyi, Hucho hucho, Salamandra salamandra, Lissotriton montandoni, Mesotriton alpestris, Coronella austriaca, Ciconia nigra, Aquila chrysaetos, Aegypius monachus, Lyrurus tetrix, Grus grus, Bubo bubo, Aegolius funereus, Glaucidium passerinum, Strix uralensis, Picus viridis, Picoides tridactylus , Neomys anomalus, Plecotus auritus, Eptesicus nilssonii, Felis sylvestris, Ursus arctos.


Map of National Nature Park «Cheremosky»

National Nature Park «Cheremosky» 

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