he Project implementation areas within the National Nature Park «Skolivski Beskydy» constitute lands of NNP total area of 35259 ha.
Its nature conservation priority is old-growth and primeval forests, in particular conserved fragments of beech primeval forests; 40 vascular plant species listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009); rich fauna of vertebrates (244 species); reacclimatized European bison (Bison bonasus).

The problematic issue of Park is the lands given to Park without withdrawal from the permanent land-users. Their area is 10892 ha. Forest management regime, which is currently applied there, contradicts to the current environmental legislation. Consequently, the NNP is not able to ensure the full protection of natural complexes of reserved territory. To optimize the functional structure of the NNP it is proposed to withdraw the lands and transfer them to the Park for the permanent use. On these lands beech, beech-sycamore, fir and beech, spruce and fir old-growth and primeval forests are preserved (more precise data will be presented after the field studies in the framework of the implemented project).

Here the plots of a rare relict fern Botrichium lunaria are also found; its population contains more than 30 individuals per 10 m2. On the upper edge of the forest at an altitude of 1200-1250 m we can find the fragments of beech and mountain ash with crooked cover of Athyrium distentifolium, as well as the wind forms of Piceetum muscosum associations. These groupings are rare both for the Park and whole Beskydy. At the edges of these groups many Red Data Book plant species grow.


Map of National Nature Park «Skolivski Beskydy»

National Nature Park «Skolivski Beskydy»