Project area

The mountains of the Carpathian region in the area of primeval and old-growth forests in Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Zakarpattia regions, within the National Nature Parks (NNP) and adjacent forest lands.

Project involves 9 NNPs:

Carpathian, "Verkhovynsky", "Hutsulshchyna" – in Ivano-Frankivsk region, "Vyzhnytsky", "Cheremosky" – in Chernivtsi region, "Skolivski Beskydy" – in Lviv region, Uzhansky, "Synevyr" and "Zacharovany kraj" – in Zakarpattya region.

Project goal

Project aims to protect 300,000 hectares of natural landscapes in the Carpathians, very important sites for the Pan-European ecological network conservation. National nature parks in the Ukrainian Carpathians should be expanded by adding of key massifs of primeval, old-growth and other valuable forests to their territories to ensure better protection from their irreversible destruction.

Project tasks

1Expansion of nine national nature parks in the Carpathians to protect high conservation value forests - to be completed by 2020;

2Elimination of further gaps in protection activities related to high conservation value forests in the Ukrainian Carpathians;

3Provision of the nine national nature parks with the technical and material resources, administrative and nature conservation capacities;

4Ensuring strong support of the primeval and old-growth forests conservation on the local and regional levels by the local community;

5Promotion of strong support of the primeval and old-growth forests conservation by the State Forest Resources Agency and Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine;

6Elimination of poaching in the NNPs and proposed expansion areas;

7Total greening of the national development and environmental policy and practices in the field of high conservation value forests protection;

8Wide propagation of the Carpathian national nature parks in the international environment and promotion of recognition of their importance;

9Implementation of socio-economic component of the project in the NNPs and adjacent areas;

10Expansion and monitoring of ecosystem condition of the high conservation value forests in Ukrainian Carpathians.

Project duration

The project started in March 2014. Every year it’s been prolonged for 1 year by separate agreement between Parties.

Implementing agencies

Project is implemented by the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds with the participation and financial support of the Frankfurt Zoological Society

Expected results

We expect increasing of the areas of primeval and old-growth forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians to be protected within the national nature parks, and ensuring their conservation guarantees through the development, adoption and further implementation of NNP Territory Management Plans

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