in Slovakia and civic association PRALES reached an agreement with the state forest enterprise of Slovakia for securing the unprotected old growth forests in Slovakia. No human intervention will be executed on 2,230 ha of such forests. This is an important step in fulfilling the obligations of Slovakia under the Carpathian Convention.


ew ecological path is planned to be made in the Vilshansky nature conservation research division (NCRD) of the national nature park "Synevyr". The pecularity of the path is the visiting of the beech primeval forests which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration issued the brochure "Beech primeval forests of Zakarpattia". The book is the collection of questions and answers about beech primeval forests of the Carpathians: how they looked like in the past, the fauna and flora of these forests, the development and reproduction of the beech primeval forests.


Channel "Pershij Kabelniy" shot a film about Carpathian primeval forests; film was made by request of the project “Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation”. Look at the beauty and the unsurpassed nature of wildlife and listen how you can save and multiply our resources. We wish you a pleasant viewing!


employees of the national nature park "Synevyr" on November 29 met with the community of the Vilshanka village, located in the park area. Participants of the meeting talked about the park role in the life of the villagers and cooperation, which began in 2011, when the Vilshansky division of the Khust forestry became part of the park. Additionally, they discussed problems of the village and their solutions.


ur project helped to equip mineral springs in the national nature park “Verkhovynsky”. Taking care of tourists, the park's workers set up a resting place in the tracts of Mokryn and Baltora. Place is known for its hydrogen sulphide spring. The pavilions, table and benches were installed, the litterbins were put. The park workers also installed information boards that will simplify the orientation and tell about ecological routes and recreation areas of the park.


xperts and consultants of the "Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance" (PLEDDG) project together with the representatives of local authorities and public activists of Yaremche region discussed cooperation between national nature parks and communities.


Yesterday, November 15, Oleg Goncharuk, Head of the Regional State Administration, held a meeting on the expansion of the national nature parks of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The meeting was also attended by the First Deputy Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration Maria Savka, Head of the Ecology and Natural Resources Division of the RSA Riyafet Hasymov, Head of the Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting Ruslan Ostashuk, heads of core departments of the Regional State Administration and national parks of the region, experts and scientists. The regional coordinator of the project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" Vasyl Mochan also took part in the event.


the Carpathian NNP in the framework of the project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation” its employees equipped thematic path "To the oldest tree". They marked the route, set new information boards and added information on existing wooden base for stands. The path has resting places and observation point near the oldest tree in the primeval beech forest.


roject leaders of the "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" project together with representatives of eight national nature parks held a seminar "PR of the national parks of the Carpathian region". The seminar took place on October, 5-6 in Mykulychyn, in the Carpathian National Nature Park.


llegal deforestation of the Carpathian forests must be stopped immediately and we should start working seriously on the conservation of the state forests. President Poroshenko announced this during his visit to Ivano-Frankivsk region on September 29. The Head of State emphasized the need for the development of the nature protection sphere, forestry and hunting and promised to support personally "green" tourism.


his weekend, September 22-23, the XV International Tourist Exhibition-Fair "Toureurocenter-Zakarpattia-2017" took place in the cultural and historical center of Uzhhorod city "Sovyne Gnizdo". Our project, at the invitation of the organizers, took part in the event and introduced eco-teas collected at the NNP “Skolivski Beskydy”.


September, 16 the team of the “Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation” project at the invitation of the Zakarpattya Regional Forestry and Hunting Department took part in the celebration of the Day of Forestry Workers. The holiday was held in Uzhgorod, in Bozdosky park. The project represented eco-tea from NNP "Skolivsky Beskydy".


the Carpathians, the Prykordonne and Perkalabske research branches of the NNP “Verkhovynsky” received their own solar power plants. The Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (Ukraine) and the Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany) within the "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" project handed over the solar panels and other equipment for the installation of power plants to the national park.


reaking news! This September we will begin with the introduction of the term "primeval forests" into Ukrainian environmental legislation.

Today, August 31, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the Law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on conservation of the primeval forests under the Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians (№4480). The act prohibits logging in primeval forests, introduces administrative responsibility for the destruction and damage of primeval forests.


August 21 the First Deputy Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration Maria Savka and the Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Vasyl Poluiko had the meeting. The meeting was also attended by the Head of the Ecology and Natural Resources Division of the RSA Riyafet Hasymov, representatives of the StateGeoCadastre in the region and the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection.


August 6, in Yavory village, at the Boykiv Festival, the national nature park “Skolivsky Beskydy” represented its eco-products, made within the socio-economic bloc of the project "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation". The capacious thermos purchased by the project created a new option in eco-marketing activities - entertainment of the participants and guests of the festival with the unique ecological tea made from the wild plants and berries.


July 21, 2017 Mykola Bilokon acting as the Head of Ecology and Natural Resources Division of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration paid a working visit to the national nature park "Vyzhnytsky".

During the meeting, the participants discussed the further expansion of the park area by adding plots with the primeval and old-growth forests, as well as the expediency of inclusion of already existing protected areas in the region of park location into the park area.


journalists from Zakarpattya regional TV Channel "Pershij Kabelnij" visited the photo exhibition of "Carpathian Primeval Forest Conservation" project, arranged in Zakarpattya Regional State Administration. The photo exhibition on importance and value of primeval forests started to work on June 26 in the project implementation area. In 2017 we celebrate 10-year anniversary of inclusion of primeval beech forests in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This and the problem of primeval forest conservation - in the video.


ews about forest cutting in Chernivtsi region spreads all over the country from time to time. It appears on the central TV channels, government reports about logging. Many government officials arrive in Chernivtsi. However, the situation remains disappointing. Forests cutting continues. Worst of all, they cut down not just any trees - especially valuable unique primeval forests, old-growth forests and protective forests are also cut in a barbaric manner. Experts have found an effective way to save these woods, but now the floor is for government.

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